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Why Strength Training is Important for Women

Why Strength Training is Important for Women

Strength training is an important part of all fitness programs, including for women! Strength training can help build muscle, burn fat during a workout and in the future and improve overall health and well-being, from sleep, hormones, stress management and more! Physically, strength training can help strengthen bones, joints, increase muscle mass, improve stability, balance, flexibility, coordination, cardiovascular endurance and reduce osteoporosis risk and other age related issues. Mentally, strength training can help boost mood, improve self-confidence, clear your mind, create “me time”, and reduce stress and anxiety! Sleep is extremely important for metabolic health (meaning carb and fat metabolism), cravings, hormone regulation, collagen production, recovery, immune health and so much more. Strength training has been proven to improve quality of sleep, helping to improve all of these! From physical, mental and overall health, strength training has endless benefits for everyone! Here are some more specific benefits of strength training for women! Regardless of age or fitness level, strength training has numerous benefits for all women. Traditional strength training can build strong bones and muscles, improve balance and coordination which is crucial as we age. A main concern for many women is weight loss, and they tend to focus on cardio. Meanwhile they should incorporate strength training to help with longer lasting results. Strength training can help burn calories and increase your metabolism. It can even improve fat metabolism, aka fat burning! All of which can help maintaining a healthy weight easier. Women have a rollercoaster of hormones month to month that can make mood, anxiety and stress management difficult. Well strength training can help reduce anxiety, stress, boost self confidence, improve mood, and regulate hormones! Interestingly enough strength training can even improve cognitive function and help to keep your mind sharp, which is crucial as we age! As mentioned previously strength training can improve sleep quality and quantity which has endless benefits. Last but not least, strength training can help reduce your risk for a list of chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and simply reduce inflammation! We can go in detail for pages on the benefits of strength training and why you should be including it on a weekly basis! But hopefully this short blog has help persuade you to start strength training.
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