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Don't Stress the Holiday's - 5 Minute Meditation

Don't Stress the Holiday's - 5 Minute Meditation

The Holiday’s can be a hectic and even stressful time.  From Holiday shopping, extra parties and activities to attend, planning outfits, baking for a bake sale, the list goes on!  But stressing out can lead you to go straight to that cookie tray and then be even more stressed out because you ate a few too many!  Instead learn how to meditate, destress, and take control of your day in just 5  minutes!  Follow the steps below to find your Holiday Spirit!


  1. Find a Quiet Place

Find a quiet spot that is comfortable for you.  Your bedroom, office, car, maybe the shower!  Maybe you need to use noise canceling headphones but hey, it is your 5 minutes of peace!

  1. Get in a comfortable position

You can sit in a chair, cross legged, or even lay on the floor, just get comfortable!  Then close your eyes and start to focus on your breathing.

  1. Focus on your breathing! 

This will help you to stay present and stop your mind from wandering. Focus on each breath, maybe even try counting 5 seconds for each inhale and 5 seconds for each exhale.

  1. Clear your mind.

As Thoughts begin to enter your mind, acknowledge them, but then let them pass by as you continue to focus on your breathing.

  1. Find your mantra.

Repeat these phrases  “May I be happy, may I be healthy, may I be peaceful.”

“May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful.” And finally, “May all beings be happy, may all beings be healthy, may all beings be peaceful.”

Ask the universe for these gifts for yourself, then for the other people/family and in the holiday spirit do this even if they’re not being very nice to you.

Say to yourself – I can do this, I can handle the upcoming festivities and feel flooded with new revitalizing energy.

  1. Gratitude

Now just take 30 seconds to focus on new things you're grateful for this Holiday season and smile.  


Tip!  Find some 5 minute guided meditations on itunes to help if you are still having a hard time focusing on yourself.  

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