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5 Easy Ways to Decrease Stress

5 Easy Ways to Decrease Stress

Stress management is crucial to looking after your mental and physical health.  We now know stress, both short and long term can wreak havoc on the body.  From sleep disturbances, sugar imbalances and cravings, altered metabolism, fatigue, burn out, high blood pressure and other health issues, stress can be a silent killer.  

There are small simple steps you can take to manage your stress daily and in the moment. Below we review 5 easy ways to help you reduce your stress.


It’s that simple! Taking slow deep breaths can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, both health metrics which increase when you're stressed.  It can be as simple as stress from sitting in traffic. There are multiple breathing techniques which help. But most importantly just slow it down and focus on your breathing for a minute. 

Take a quick walk

If the stress builds up and you’re having a hard time concentrating or feeling overwhelmed, take a quick walk! It does not even have to be outside.  The few minutes of physical activity up and down the hallway or outside will help you get control of your breathing and give you a few minutes to gather your thoughts.

Find the sun 

Sunshine has been proven to help those with depression, anxiety and stress!  Head outside for 5 minutes and sit on a bench, walk around the building, sip your coffee on the porch. Soon enough you’ll see your sprints lifted, feeling more optimistic and less stressed.

Stretch or meditate 

Standing up for a quick stretch can relieve muscle tension from work and sitting at your desk all day. Simply roll your shoulders, open up your chest, stretch your forearms and hands, and your sure to feel refreshed! 

Get organized

Clutter and distractions can easily add tension and stress. Take a few minutes to clean up your office, desk, car or wherever your work area is to help you clear your mind.

These are just a few of the quick tips you can use to help you destress daily! 

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