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4 Benefits of a Good Multivitamin

4 Benefits of a Good Multivitamin

Feeling fatigued, physically and emotional, or even rundown is not uncommon to many adults and even teenagers and adolescents.  Between work, family, school and daily obligations which only seem to grow there is less and less time for our own personal needs which only impacts our health negatively.  From stress, to lack of sleep, poor food choices and lack of exercise, it all adds up leading to long term negative effects down the road.

All of these stressor and unhealthy habits can actually deplete our bodies over time of essential vitamins and minerals.  Now long term we do want to try to make healthier lifestyle choices, but no matter what life is hectic and having a first line of defense is necessary.  This is where having a good daily multivitamin comes to play, to fill the gaps and boost our immune system during stressful times.  Whether your stress is physical or emotional from work, lack of sleep, or family, to being inactive, or not having an optimal diet, everyone should have a multivitamin

A good multivitamin should contain a combination of vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, A, C, and D3 and minerals like calcium, copper, iodine, and phosphorus. It may even have bonus herbs and enzymes to help with hormones, metabolism or digestion.  

So what really are the benefits of multivitamin?  Below we cover our top 5 reasons you should have one daily!

  1. Improves energy levels 

Many of the essential nutrients we get in a multivitamin but may occasionally lack in our diet are crucial for creating energy!  You can think of your B vitamins for example as the key which starts the engine to many metabolic processes which turn your food into usable energy.

  1. Improves mood

Those B vitamins are water soluble, which means your body absorbs what you need and excretes the rest.  So basically you need them daily!  And if you do not get them daily, this can affect your energy levels and mood.  B6 and B12 play a key role in regulating serotonin levels or the hormone associated with relaxation and happiness!

  1. Muscle Strength

Many vitamins are also powerful antioxidants!  These antioxidants destroy free radicals which are known to cause many age related muscle disorders.  So stay young and strong, keep your line of defense up with a multivitamin!

  1. Provide a Healthy Complexion

Vitamins and minerals help keep your skin looking young! Remember they fight those free radicals which speed up aging! The antioxidants help prevent dryness and keep your skin glowing! Vitamin C for example plays a key role in collagen production!

If you need a good multivitamin check our our DETOX capsule the perfect blend of a multivitamin with extra boost for detoxification and metabolic health. 

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