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3 Reasons Women MUST do Heavy Strength Training

3 Reasons Women MUST do Heavy Strength Training

So many Women are still scared of the word “muscle”! Instead they want to tone. Women avoid weightlifting or strength training because they fear looking to muscular

The thing is all women have muscle!  You “tone” when you lose body fat and allow that muscle to show.  The muscle which helps holds up your skin to look smooth, youthful, and firm! 

If your goal is to “tone”, become more athletic, lose weight, just look good, feel good, be more energetic, be able to enjoy eating a little bit more, and not spend endless hours doing cardio, you are missing a very important part of having training to help you reach those goals.

You are not adding resistance! Resistance training offers endless benefits ranging from physical, mental health, and helping you push yourself past what you thought was your potential to new undiscovered strengths and confidence in your body!

Here are our top 3 reasons why women should be strength training regularly! 

Better Weight Loss Results that Last!

If you are trying to lean out and lose some extra body fat, but all you are doing is slow, steady, low-intensity cardio, you are not being productive with your time and goal management.

Taking some of that time and swapping the cardio for weight training will allow you to instantly burn more calories and most likely a good amount will be fat!

Weight training allows for an increased metabolic effect after training allowing for this higher calorie burn!  High-intensity Cardio (aka HIIT) can also have this after burn effect, but more fat is burned while weight lifting than with High intensity cardio.

Additionally building some lean muscle will help you burn more calories, look better, feel better and have a fast metabolism even when you do not work out! 

Build Curves!

The lean muscle you build lies underneath the little it of fat under your skin.  This allows it to smooth out, have less cellulite, look lean and look “tone”.  It will help shape your legs, butt, back of your arms, and a tighter tummy! So many things we all want.

Decrease Stress but have More Energy!

Numerous studies have shown strength training to help with mental health and confidence not only in the gym but they translate to how we carry ourselves day to day!

Starting your day off with a workout also helps you get going and feel energized throughout the day then come bed time you sleep better!

Strength training has also been shown to  alleviate depression and lower anxiety due to its strong anti-stress effects.


Once you get going, you will push through challenges and plateaus and create confidence. This confidence will help give you that push to be successful in other areas of your life! So do not be scared of the barbells bu embrace them! 

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