Weight Loss Versus Fat Loss

Is your goal to lose fat or to lose weight?.... Is there a difference?  

Yes!  If someone tells me they want to lose weight they are saying they want to lose from their total body weight.  Meaning the weight you see on the scale. The weight on a scale includes everything! Unneeded body fat, essential body fat, muscle, bones, skin, hair, nails, organs, water, blood and more.  If you just go on any diet not specified to your needs, most likely you will lose weight, but it will come from everything listed above.

If you want to specifically lose body fat then you are focusing on losing the visceral body, or that extra fat on your stomach, back, hips and thighs.  This requires a specific plan both for your daily activity/training and your diet. This is to try to fight your body's attempt to use muscle as energy.  When you want to lose body fat you will be in a slight to moderate calorie deficit and by nature your bodies will want to use up unneeded muscle first. Your body is thinking “Wait there is less food, I need to save my body fat as energy”  UNLESS you have the right training telling your body that it needs these muscle to survive and it needs to use the protein and carbs you are eating to repair the muscle, so instead burn the body fat! No matter what while losing weight or body fat you are going to lose “weight” from all over your body, but we can control it a bit in our favor.  

This is very important for many of us now while we are in quarantine and with limited food choices available.  Being smart about your home training and macros on your meal plan is crucial! If you have questions about how to stay on track or need a plan to make sure you don’t lose your progress take a look at our custom meal and training plans to carry you through the next 4 weeks! 

by Alyssa Reyes

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