Try this Yoga Pose to Fight Fat and Stress

Stress happens, but you don’t have to let it ruin your health! Being stressed for too long can cause adverse health effects, such as suppressing our immune system, affecting our quality of sleep and causing us to gain weight and even over eat.

 Regular yoga practice can play a role in helping you lose weight. Fight fat and stress with this yoga move! The Cobra Pose is a great move for beginners, yogis and anyone looking to exhale from life.

Benefits of Cobra Pose:

Whether you are stressed, suffer from a tight lower back or just need to loosen up, spending some time in the cobra pose can benefit your entire body and mind. The Sanskrit name of the Cobra Pose, Bhujangasana, comes from the wordsbhujanga, meaning serpent, and asana, meaning posture. This backbend pose reflects the posture of a cobra, hence its name.

The cobra pose can:

-Stretch the shoulder, chest and abdominal muscles.

-Decrease muscle soreness and stiffness.

-Increase flexibility.

-Enhance mood and mental clarity.

-Strengthen the spine.

-Improve circulation of blood and oxygen.

Pose Away:

 1-Face down on the floor with the top of your hands pressed against the ground.

2-Press your legs and hips down into the floor, while placing your hands under shoulders, keeping your palms down and finger spread apart.

3-Press into your hands, while lifting your head, chest and upper back off of the mat.

4- Keeping your gaze up and your shoulder blades down, push back your shoulders and feel the stretch along your spine.

5-Take a few deep breath and then exhale and you return to your starting position.

by Brianna Diorio

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