Stick to Your Goals All Year Long

Did you know that while 45 percent of Americans usually make a New Year’s resolution, only 8 percent of Americans stick with their New Year’s goals?! Don’ t be another statistic this year, reach your goals and stick with them all year long with these 3 tips!

1:Get rid of your backup plan: Having a plan B means that you are already setting yourself up for failure. Those with have a backup plan are less likely to attain their original intended goals and objectives. Make a concrete plan, with actionable and accountable steps on how you are going to achieve your resolution.

2: Make a financial commitment: Research has shown that people who agreed to pay cash if they didn’t meet their weight-loss goals lost 14 more pounds than those without finical incentive. Set your goal (lets say hit the gym 4 times per week) as well as a dollar amount you’d pay if you didn’t stick to your goal (5$ for every session you miss). If you reach your goal, you earn the cash reward; if you don’t, then you contribute money to a community collection fund that will pay out others who reach their goals. 

3: Break your goal into smaller parts: If you make one huge goal, you might feel overwhelmed or a sense of “I can’t do this”. You might find it hard to figure out where to start. Break larger goals (I want to lose 20 pounds) into smaller parts (I want to lose 2 pounds per month). This will make achieving your goals easier, as well as more gratifying and satisfying. You can celebrate each achievement as it happens, keeping the positive momentum going!

4: Use the internet: The internet can be great for motivation, inspiration and new ideas for the gym. Whether it’s a new playlist, a complete workout routine or maybe just an inspirational video, the internet can really help you keep on track when you are feeling less than inspired. Even start your own Youtube channel; you can build a following of users, which might just help keep you inspired to post new content, workout videos and vlogs.

by Brianna Diorio

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