Relationships and Fitness

It's easy to make yourself a priority when you are your only priority. Workouts, eating right, getting plenty of sleep, it's all relatively easy when you're on your own.

But now you've met someone special and you aren't letting this one go.

If you're swolemates- you've found someone that loves you and the gym just as much as you do - you're set. You can hold each other accountable, motivate each other and enjoy your cheat meals together.

But what if they've never stepped foot in a gym? Or have, but loathe it? Or are a junk food fanatic? How do you enjoy your new relationship without letting it sidetrack your goals?

It's Ok to have different interests- in fact, it's healthy. The only way to grow together is to continue to grow as individuals. Everyone needs an outlet, something just for them, that drives them. Art, music, cooking, the gym: whatever it is, it should be embraced. Encourage your partner to do what they love to make them a stronger person, and make sure they know the gym is that for you. A good partner will encourage you, never be jealous and would never want you to give up the things you love.

Despite this, people usually do gain a few pounds when they get into relationships. Dating tends to revolve around food and alcohol and once you settle into your relationship, the security of having someone who loves you for you can cause you to ease up on your diet and exercise, consciously or not. There are a few things you can do to keep those relationship pounds at bay.

Cook meals together. Introduce your partner to new healthy foods and find foods and meals that you can prepare and enjoy together. Simply making your own food is the fastest way to cut down on fat and calories, and it will allow you to bond and have fun in the kitchen.

Plan active date nights. This isn't about burning calories or tricking your partner into a workout, it's about avoiding the restaraunt and bar rut of dating. Go to a trampoline park, apple picking, go cart riding, or to the driving range. That thing you've always wanted to try? Do that.

Motivate, but don't nag. Not everyone likes to workout but everyone NEEDS to workout. People discover this at different times, and hopefully your partner will before a doctor tells them it's too late. Always invite your partner along for your workouts, whether they take you up on it or not, so they know the invitation is always there. Make sure you let your partner know how good you feel after your workout, too, to motivate them to do the same without shaming or judging them or you may single once more.

by Kelly Turner

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