Why Women Check out Other Women

Many women spend time checking each other out, whether they’re staring at another woman across the street, surfing the Internet, or looking through a swimsuit magazine. Many women check each other out more so than the opposite sex, but why? 

Females compare themselves to one another, whether its hair, clothes, or physique. Sometimes women want to observe if they are better than others and to see how they match-up. There will always be some competition between women. Trying to determine who the alpha female is can become a game or a rivalry between some. Females subconsciously put themselves in a hierarchy – who has the flatter tummy or the more expensive handbag. 

Women also check out other women to discover new trends in fashion. Perhaps a woman is sitting at a park in a big city and people watching. She observes multiple ladies wearing high-waisted pants. She wants to fit in and be trendy, so later that day she goes out and buys a pair. 

In other situations women check out each other to decide if they have something in common with another woman to create a possible friendship. One woman might be browsing the diet food section at the grocery store and bumps into another woman looking at the fitness video section. They both might casually strike up a conversation about trying to lose weight and then instantly become friends. 

Women check out other women for the main goal of feeling more confident. Females that compare themselves to one another may become more self-assured if they allocate themselves as the alpha. Ladies that observe others to find new trends feel more confident once they learn the latest styles in fashion. Women that check each other out may end up establishing an unbreakable friendship. The ultimate reason why women check out other women is to build better self-esteem and self-worth.   


by Kelly Turner

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