What’s in Season: Pumpkin


What’s in Season: Pumpkin 

With the fall weather in full swing and thanksgiving around the corner lets talk about pumpkin! Apart from it’s glorious creamy texture and sweet flavor pumpkin has various health benefits that you might be unaware of. 

Firstly, pumpkin is rich in antioxidants and vitamins -  primarily vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Since many other fruits that aren’t in season such as berries that are high in these vitamins, pumpkin is a perfect alternative for this time for year. The fall season is also known to be a time in which we all may put on some extra unwanted pounds – however pumpkin is known to be a very low calorie vegetable. In addition, it is also low in saturated fat and cholesterol. 

With those unwanted pounds creeping up, pumpkin also acts as a great aid for weight loss. Due to its high fiber content pumpkin can keep you full for much longer on fewer calories. Fiber is unfortunately overlooked a lot of the times. Consuming a high fiber diet does have some impact on your hunger which can lead to eating less and therefore help in losing weight.  

Cooking pumpkin can seem like quite a daunting task just based on their size! Nonetheless pumpkin is such a versatile product that it is crucial that every part is used to its fullest … for example the seeds. Pumpkin seeds are a food item that is low on the glycemic index which make it’s a wholesome snack for someone suffering from diabetes and or pre diabetes. By themselves they can be quite boring; with a little tender love and care they can be delicious! 

So there is no reason to feel guilty about the extra slice of pumpkin pie, or your second pumpkin spiced latte turns out pumpkin is a super food – tis the season to enjoy! 

by Brianna Diorio

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