Unwind After Long Days : Top 3 Ways!

Life can get a little crazy sometimes and letting stress build up can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. Sometimes we’re so stressed out from long days at work that it's impossible to leave work at work. But building a balance is essential to staying sane – so make time to unwind.


Here are three of our favorite ways:

A Tough Workout

It sounds counterintuitive, but a tough workout is exactly what you need to unwind after a tough day. Check out from the stresses of the day by popping in your ear buds and shutting out the world while you focus on yourself. There's really just no better way to end the day. Burning up every last bit of energy you have and leaving it all in a pile of sweat on the gym floor will have you collapsing into bed exhausted, accomplished and content.  Just make sure you leave a few hours in between your workout and bedtime to not disrupt your sleep with those post workout endorphins.

Mindful Movement

Not all workouts need to be all-out. Decompressing and de-stressing with gentle, low-intensity, mindful movement will relax stiff muscles and a tense mind created by a stressful day. Whatever your zen of choice – yoga, deep stretching, or easy mediation – use it to connect your body and mind, and let all of your daily stress just wash away.

Take a Bath

If honing in isn't your thing, wash stress away by taking a long, hot bath. The bath itself is a relaxing experience; soaking your tired bones in warm, steamy water while you lock the door allows you to ignore the world outside begging for your attention. And getting out of the warm environment and stepping into cold air will drop your body temperature, slowing all of your internal systems and lulling you in to a state of relaxation and restful sleep.

by Shredz

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