Total Body Makeover for Beginners

Everyone starts somewhere.  Everyone had their first day in the gym or running outside. 

Everyone deserves a chance to make a change!  To make over their body, fitness, healthy, entire life especially after over a year of everything 2020 and 2021. 

Here are some tips to get you started with your Total Body Makeover!


  1.  Pick a goal and start small.  Yes be active most days.  Do not kill yourself day 1 with a HIIT class if you do not even get 5k steps in a day.

  2. If your goal is to make a physique change the hardest part especially as a beginner is just to start!  Once you start the challenge is to not stop. 

  3. Pick an easy-ish routine you can do on a daily basis to make sure you can keep up with it.  Consistency is key!

  4. Do not kill yourself everyday! If you go too hard too soon, get too sore and then have to take multiple days off you may get discouraged leading you to lose the habit of continuing the habits which will help you make over your body.

  5.  Stay accountable! Tell someone your plan or make a journal to make sure you stay on top of your goals!

  6. Do not make excuses.  Even if you only have 10-15 minutes at home, then go for a walk or do just a part of the workout.  Something is better than nothing!

  7. Try your best to to follow the routine in the cover photo. It is a full body routine, minimal equipment is needed which will help you cover all the points covered above!

  8. Get creative with equipment!  Use water bottles instead of dumbbells and a bench or chair for dips or push-ups.

  9. Remember to rest and recover once a week if not you can’t keep going. Rest is part of the plan.

  10. Have Fun with it!  Do not choose classes, workouts or even diets that you hate!  If you do not like it you will not stick to it.  If you do not stick to it then you will not see progress. 


by Alyssa Reyes

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