Tone It Up 1 Week Challange!

You can get some quick and amazing results in one week!  The key is to do full body workouts everyday.  The catch is that depending if you want to look leaner or curvier depends on your diet. 

This 1 Week Tone it up challenge incorporates full body movements for strength and cardio to help tone and tighten up your legs.  Then there is a  mix of core/ab movements that hit every area but others that help create stabilization or that tiny waist! 

The Challenge starts Monday but you can start it any day of the week.  If you need to tone up by an event on a Saturday, start the Saturday before! 

If this challenge is too easy repeat each exercise once non-stop, once done recovery 1-3 minutes and repeat 2-4x.


Now if your goal is to lean out, then make sure to track your food and be in a slight calorie deficit!  Make sure you eat plenty of protein and a balance of healthy carbs and fats!

If your goal is to keep a fuller more curvy look, maintain your calorie intake, and eat an equal amount of carbs and protein, filling in the rest with healthy fats!


If you need help figuring out a diet plan that works for you, take a look at our custom meal plans.

If you try the challenge tag us on facebook or instagram! 

by Alyssa Reyes

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