Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit during COVID-19 Lockdown

Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit during COVID-19 Lockdown

Staying active and healthy both physically and mentally as most of us are quarantined at home.  We are working from home with easy access to our kitchens. Unknowingly worried and stressed of the unknown, work, or simply because we are around our family all the time.  Even worse, we are just bored and eating everything we can find!  

So here are some tips and ideas to help you stay healthy and active!


Ideas to stay active!

  • Go for a walk! 
    • Just because we have nowhere to go, does not mean you can not go outside.  Just make sure to keep your distancing and carry your hand sanitizer. If you are lucky enough to be in a warmer area, try going for 3 to 4, 15 minute walks a day.  Multiple short walks have been shown to be the most effective for our overall health and consistent metabolic rate!
  • Play active video games with family
    • It may sound silly but video games where you golf, play baseball, kickbox, dance or other similar activities can be a great way to get that calorie burn without even trying! 
  • Have a Daily Dance Party
    • Same idea!  Have fun, burn calories, and release some good endorphins to make you feel happy!  We all know we need a little more cheer right now. 
  • Put an alarm to remind you to walk around for 5 minutes every hour.
    • If you are busy working all day, this can really help!  Make it intentional! This way you are not walking to the kitchen every 30 minutes. 
  • Go online!
  • Go On Demand
    • Same idea!  From 10 to 60 minute workouts, for beginner to expert, you can find something.  Just because you o not have a gym does not mean you can’t workout! 


Pick 1 of these ideas to do 5 days a week and you can potentially make progress over this quarantine period!

Food & Nutrition Tips!

  • Plan your meals the night before or in the morning! 
    • You are at home so you do not NEED to meal prep.  You do have to stay mentally strong though. Think of what you can easily grab in the kitchen during meal and snack times.  Plan when and how you want to have them. Spread that out throughout the day. This way when you head to the kitchen, you can ask yourself, is this on today’s menu?  Try not to call it a meal plan for now, so that you do not feel limited.  
  • Water!
    • Drink water every time you go to the kitchen.  This will give you time to stop and think if you are really hungry or just bored. 
  • Do not keep snacks on the kitchen counter!
    • Out of sight, and more likely to stay out of mind! 
  • Protein!
    • Make sure to have protein with every meal.  This will help keep you full but also help you save your muscle and strength while your training is not exactly ideal. 
  • Fiber
    • Make sure to have veggies and fiber containing foods.  Again this helps us stay fuller longer, so we are less likely to snack! 
  • Do not order take out often!
    • Take out can be a saving grace to make us feel less isolated but try to save it for a once a week treat!  This way you can treat yourself a bit more. If you order out multiple times a week, there is a good chance you are not sticking to your macros.
  • Try New Recipes!
    • Use this time to create new and healthy recipes for your meal prep arsonal for when this is all over.

There you have it!  No excuses. No matter your situation, there is always a way to be better, healthier, and fitter!  Which ones are you going to try?


Email if you have any questions!

by Alyssa Reyes

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