7 Essential Rules For Your Next Trip

Traveling can wreak havoc on your health. Many people experience jet lag, feel run-down, and even get sick from flying or long rides – and nothing will ruin a trip faster than getting sick. Prevention is the best medicine; so take extra care of yourself while traveling to return home feeling good as new.

• Hydrate.

You can easily become dehydrated while traveling, so drinking plenty of water is even more important. It also helps with appetite control.

• Wash your hands, and wash them often.

Getting rid of any germs you may (and will) come in contact with will go a long the way to keep you healthy. If you are unable to find access to a sink or facility, carry hand sanitizer with you at all times to keep clean no matter where you are.

• Keep warm.

Air quality, especially in airplanes, is stale and poor. Add the chilly draft to the mix, and you have a recipe for illness. Wear several layers of clothing and adjust as needed.

• Get plenty of sleep.

Before and during your expedition, be sure to get plenty of rest to recharge your batteries and give your immunity a boost. During sleep your immune system revs back up and your cells repair themselves, so those 8 hours of shut-eye become even more important.

• Plan, Plan, Plan.

Before your trip, do some G-tective work: Google the area in advance so you know where you can get healthy meals, medications, medical care, froyo at 3AM, and everything else you might need.

• Splurge -- in moderation.

On vacation, it's tempting to throw all nutritional caution to the wind and gobble down everything in sight. And while you should indulge in special foods and enjoy yourself, it's important to be smart about it. Remember, regret and remorse will accompany you home if you discover that you can't fit into your skinny jeans upon your return. Make simple tradeoffs so you can indulge without the bulge. Want that bowl-sized fruity cocktail with dinner? Enjoy, but don't order dessert too. Dying to try that deep fried appetizer? Share it, or make it your entree. Eat a healthy, light breakfast and lunch every day so you can feel good about splurging at dinner. Finally, resist foods that you can get anywhere -- think packaged food or chain restaurants -- they're just not worth the calories.

• Seek out opportunities to move your body every day.

Try to find accommodations that offer a fitness facility on site or nearby. If a gym workout just isn't in the cards, toss a resistance band or two into your suitcase. And remember, you can get a kick-butt workout using just your body weight -- get awesome inspiration at Shredz FitClub. Finally, look for fun outdoor activities that require plenty of movement. Most of all, have a blast!

by Kelly Turner

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