Cooking Techniques: Stewing

It’s a cold winter day and you want to sit on your coach with a hot stew and a cup of hot cocoa while watching your favorite T.V show. Many people are unaware that each season has a cooking technique for example grilling is known to be done in the summer – its an outdoor event and summer is the best time for the outdoors. As for fall or winter stewing should be the go-to technique.

Stewing is typically known to be a long slow method of cooking and due to their similarities it can often can be confused with braising. The main difference is that braising uses slightly larger cuts of meat where as stewing uses smaller more uniformed cuts. This cooking method is perfect for people that are always busy and are great at multitasking – everything is thrown into a large pot and left alone for 2-3 hours. All your ingredients simmer in a flavorful aromatic liquid which then over time results in the sauce for the dish. 

The great thing about stewing or any moist cooking techniques is that it is a nutrient-conversing method. This simply means that no nutrients are lost in the cooking process – with the use of low heat and time all the nutrients are captured and enhanced. Furthermore, minimal fat is used throughout the entire cooking process. A small amount of olive oil or butter is used in the beginning to brown the meat before all the the other ingredients are added. No additional fat is needed! In addition, stewing gives you control especially when it comes to seasoning your stew. Many ready made stews and sauces are packed full of sodium which is no good in the cholesterol world. By stewing you are allowed to decided and play with how much salt or how little salt you add to your dish.

 If your someone who is always on the run, or even has some free time on a Sunday afternoon – try throwing a stew together! Its much healthier and can provide so much flavor to plain simple ingredients. If you don’t already start getting creative!

by Brianna Diorio

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