Sporting Events: Staying On Your Diet!

Finding healthy food options at a sporting event can be just as much of a game as the competition you're there to see. The sea of concession stands pouring buckets of beer and sizzling with the sounds of deep fryers can be just as endless as the huge portions with even bigger price tags. It's a dieter's nightmare.


While you can sneak in your own healthy snacks (not that we'd ever condone that) if you don't have the guts, here's your sporting event survival guide.


1. Eat before you go.

 - There will be healthy-ish options available to you, but nothing will be healthier than a meal or snack your prepare yourself. Eat something packed with protein for satiety before you can and don't rely on the arena for your main meal.


2. Check the website and plan your attack.

 - Scrolling through your options and deciding on what will work best for you will make choosing healthy options when faced with nachos and garlic fries a little easier. Take advantage of the health craze. The people have spoken and the market is listening. You can now find salads, fruit bowls and even sushi at your favorite arena or stadium. Sit down restaurants will let you be more specific with your order and special substitutions, but they aren't everywhere.


3. Go for the health(iest) traditional option

 - Corn on the cob, plain popcorn, and drink plenty of water. If you just can't give up the traditional fair, lighten it up. Skip the buns on your burgers or hotdogs, get your peanuts unsalted and always share with your friend.


4. Avoid microbrews

 - Microbrews pack hundreds of calories, and stick to light beers. Keep it to two and drink plenty of water in between. They're so expensive you'll only want a few anyway.

by Kelly Turner

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