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Losing weight is one thing, losing specifically body fat takes a smart plan. Below I go through 6 important components to weight loss.  The thing is you need to do them all together to have the fastest results!


Be in Calorie Deficit

In order to lose any weight, especially body fat, you must be in a calorie deficit. You can do keto, carb cycling, paleo, weight watchers, or any other fad diet, but if you are not in a caloric deficit you will not lose body weight! You may lose some water weight at first if you take carbs out of your diet, or eat smaller more calorie dense foods but you will not lose body fat if again you are not in a calorie deficit.  

Being in a calorie deficit means you are eating less calories than your body needs to maintain weight. So if your body needs 2000 calories to not lose or gain weight but maintain weight, then if you only eat 1500 calories a day you should technically lose about 1 pound a week.  Eating in some sort of caloric deficit such as this is the only way to lose weight.  Well you can do cardio but we will discuss that later.


Eat Enough Protein

You may be in a caloric deficit but you must have enough protein! If you are in a calorie deficit but not eating enough protein, your body is more likely to burn muscle for energy instead of body fat.  

The amount of protein needed is different for everyone, so if you need help figuring this out consider looking at one of our Custom meal plans or Macro Plans to make sure you are getting enough! 

So remember you need to be in a calorie deficit, and eat enough protein especially because of this next point! 


Do No Neglect Weight Train

Weight Training is your friend.  When you weight train, while adhering to the first two points of being in a calorie deficit while eating enough protein, you help signal your to lose body fat! 

You are in a calorie deficit, but the weight training tells your body you need this muscle, do not burn it, repair it with this protein I am eating. So then your body is more likely to burn body fat as energy, aka fat loss! 


Do Smart Cardio IF NEEDED

Cardio is a weight loss tool but it is not always needed.  It needs to be used wisely because if you do too much too soon then eventually you will just need to add more, and more, and more to just keep making progress. 

All the other points in this article should be done first then if the plan calls for added cardio because your calories are too low or you're in a time crunch for progress or another reason then you slowly add it in as a tool to continue progress. 


Manage Stress

Managing your stress hormones is KEY to losing body fat!  If you are overly stressed all the time you risk having high cortisol levels at times of the day where it should be moderate or low.  Cortisol is our body's stress hormone.  It is needed to help get us up in the morning, to stay alert in high stress situations and many other functions.  But too much cortisol can actually make it hard for your body to burn fat as energy and instead cause the body to store fat in the tummy area! 

If you are constantly under stress look into using STRESS AID.  This is an all natural supplement with a scientifically proven ingredient to help our bodies better manage stress.  Learn all about it in the article Decrease Stress with this One Ingredient.


Get Enough Sleep

We all try to get more out of our day by cutting back on sleep.  But this actually hurts the fat loss process.  If you are not getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night, you are not properly charging your body.

Without enough sleep your body’s metabolism can not function optimally.  Instead of burning fat, it will look for an easier way to get energy.  Fat is actually really hard for the body to break down, and if you are not well rested your body will turn to more carbs for energy, not fat! That is why many times when you are tired you may have more carb cravings which can be salty or sweet.  

Not getting enough sleep also puts stress on your body increasing those cortisol levels which also do not want to burn fat but instead carbs and stores fat.


So wrapping up, keep these 6 points in mind when you want to speed up your fat loss!


But be in a Calorie Deficit

Eat Enough Protein

Do No Neglect Weight Train

Do Smart Cardio IF NEEDED

Manage Stress

Get Enough Sleep


If you have any questions feel free to email diet@shredz.com 


by Alyssa Reyes

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