Lose weight faster and boost your immunity with this Cocktail

Lose weight to be healthier, boost your immunity and cater to your beauty needs! Sounds great right!

Well first, ask yourself a few questions to see what you need!

Have you been dieting and hit a plateau?  Or just felt like no matter how much weight you lost you still feel puff?

Have you ever been on a weight loss program and always felt low energy, can not recover or even consistently under the weather?

Do you find your skin dry, less youthful, or all of a sudden your hair and nail become brittle, particularly when dieting, losing weight, or even just increasing your cardio or training?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this Supplement "Cocktail" is for you!


Weight loss is a process of detoxification. Especially if you have a lot of weight to loss or you are going hard with training too!  Fat cells and muscle cells are being broken down, circulating through your body and allowing all the toxins which have been stored in the fat cells free!  Add in a build up of inflammation while working out which is not always being reduced properly.  These are just some of the examples which cause us to plateau, feel puff or inflammed and lack energy on our fitness and healthy journey!  


Along with the example mentioned above, you are eating less, giving your body less nutrition to recover and defend itself.  This brings down your immune system for all hours of the day! So though you are doing something healthy for your body by eating right and working out, you do need do everything you can to support your body during this time. 


Your body is now fighting to provide nutrition to where it is needed most, your organs (including your muscles if you are weight training!).  This is why having a good training and nutrition plan is so important, to help with recovery and help fight inflammation!  But even with the perfect diet and training you might notice your nails and hair are weaker, or maybe your face is lacking that youthful fullness!


There are supplements you can take to combat all of this! Our Detox Greens are exactly what every fitness journey needs!  It provides you with nutrition which helps fight inflammation and bloat which happens throughout the weight loss process.  The Detox Greens also provide a list of organic green superfoods which are packed with vitamins and minerals you NEED to keep your body's metabolism and daily functions running at its best!  Many times because you are in a calorie deficit it is hard to get all this good nutrition in.


The Detox Greens are all natural and come in a fruit punch flavor making it the perfect mixer for additional supplements needed during this time such as Collagen Peptides!  Collagen is the second half of what we are calling you Detox Cocktail!  Collagen is the protein shown to help support and regenerate the healthy collagen in your skin, collagen in your joints, and healthy strong skin and nails.  Honestly the list goes on.  You can read more in a previous article about Collagen here!   


Collagen Peptides are flavorless so they mix perfectly with the Detox Greens! By mixing the two together you are allowing your body to detox, fight inflammation, support your immune system, fight bloating, recover better because of both the collagen protein peptides and not to mention the detox greens, and fight constipation!


By helping your body fight and prevent all of this you are then causing a spiral of healthy effects.  By supporting your gut and allowing your body to create more collagen you will see better skin, better blood sugar control meaning, less mood swings, less sugar cravings, and less belly fat! 

I don’t know about you but this is my nightly cocktail of health!  If you have questions about the Detox Greens or Collagen Peptides email coach@shredz.com for more information!

by Alyssa Reyes

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