Healthy Fridge Staples

If you keep good food choices in your fridge, then you will make smart food choices. Be sure to include these fridge staples when you are building your healthy fridge! 

Eggs: Nature’s most perfect snack, eggs are an easy and affordable go to fridge necessity. You can have them as a grab and go snack, such as hardboiled eggs, or make your own omelet for a bigger meal. Make sure to opt for pasture raised eggs when possible. Animals raised on pasture enjoy a much higher quality of life than those confined within factory farms. Pasture-raised animals also enjoy a diet free of the unnatural feed additives.

Greek Yogurt: You can mix in fresh fruit, oatmeal, homemade granola or a touch of honey to jazz up this fridge staple. A great go-to snack, Greek yogurt can also be used as a healthy substitute ingredient in many dishes that require a creamy consistency. Opt for full fat versions when you can; when they remove the fat they are removing most of the nutritional value and replacing the fat with sugar and carbs (two things that can end up causing more cravings and weight gain in the long run). Try and chose plain flavors and add in your own fruit, stevia, chopped nuts or even dark chocolate pieces for added sweetness.

Chopped Produce: Pre-cut fruits and veggies should always be stocked in your fridge. Wash and cut your produce ahead of time for the week, giving you lots of ready to go side dishes to make any meal healthy. Pre chopped fruit is also great to have as a quick snack while you raid your fridge figuring out what you really want to eat and also helping curb your sugar cravings.

Protein: Always keep some sort of protein on stand by to have in your freezer. You can buy ground turkey, chicken breasts, chicken sausage, turkey burgers and salmon filets ahead of time to keep in your freezer for a later date. This will also let you shop around for better prices and stock up when some of your favorite items go on sale. Always try and chose organic, grass-fed and pasture raised produce when possible. Grass Fed products have superior nutritional benefits to conventionally farm raised animals. Grass fed products have higher levels of omega-3s, are richer in antioxidants including Vitamin E, beta-carotene, and Vitamin C. Grass fed beef also have higher levels of CLA an essential fatty acid that helps prevent cancer and fights fat. For you meat eating skeptics out there, grass fed meat also can lower your LDL levels.

Nut Butter: Almond, peanut, cashew, pecan, whatever kind of nut butter you could imagine is available in stores these days. Keep some of these healthy fats in your fridge at all times to help fill you up in between meals.

by Brianna Diorio

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