Halloween Candy Roulette Workout

Halloween, the first of the high profile fall and winter holidays, is just around the corner. So many of us workout and go hard for those summer bodies, why not try to keep it all year? Have your candy while working on your abs!

Candy is full of sugar which can be used as instant energy or stored as fat. So why don't we put it to good use? Have a piece of candy right before you have a weight training workout and it will instantly be used for energy. The sugar will break down and enter your bloodstream and your muscle will demand it be used!

Better yet, have it right after your workout. Eat a lower carb meal before you train, then you will be able to burn fat easier during your workout. Follow that up with a piece of candy to replenish your muscle with the sugar, actually helping you recover and train next time!

Here's a little interval workout for you before you enjoy your first piece of Halloween candy!

Take a bag filled with candy and randomly pull out pieces of candy. Each candy below is associated with an exercise. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds and repeat taking new candy each round for a total of 20 minutes! Pick one or two of your favorite pieces of candy for every 20 minutes you do to enjoy after!

Halloween Workout Roulette Exercises:

Kit Kat --- Deadlift

Milky Way --- Suicide Squat

Crunch --- Skullcrusher

Snickers --- Suicide Sprint

Reeses --- Burpees

3 Musketeers ---- Pumpkin Swing (using a dumbbell or kettlebell)

Starburst --- Monster Walks

M&M's --- Zombie Crawl

Twix --- Spider Crunch

Starburst --- Spider Push Up

Babe Ruth --- Inchworm

Butterfinger --- Zombie Plank Walk

by Alyssa Reyes

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