The WORST Fit Girl Problem

There’s a lot that goes into being a fit girl: Lugging duffels around everywhere like a bag lady. Ponytail hair creases. Jeans that won’t fit your quads. The fact that all gym equipment is made for men (cough, EVERY bench, cough, cough). Tiny annoyances compared to the rewards of increased energy, health, self esteem and of course, a bangin’ bod. That’s why we do it, right?

But you know what irritates me, and any other fit girl, more than anything?

When you are trying to have an intelligent conversation with someone about your goals and the first thing out of their mouth is always “Aw, you look fine.”

People inevitably want to discuss fitness when they find out you’re a fit girl, whether you like it or not, and whether they actually work out or not.  They are fine asking you questions about what they should/would/could do, but when you start to discuss what you’re working on, your goals you’re crushing, in comes the pat on the head, and “You look fine.”

I know I look fine.

No matter what physical condition I am in at any given point, I know I look fine. My self-esteem is not tied to my physical appearance because I am a fit girl. I know enough about my body, fitness, and how my body responds to fitness to not let it mentally mess with me. I know exactly why I look the way I look at any given time- because of the choices I have made.

Just because I want to improve an area of my physicality does not mean I’m looking to you to pat me on the head and tell me I’m pretty. Just because 99% of girls want to look differently and hate themselves for it, doesn’t mean every girl does. Fit girls don’t.

So while we do spend a lot of time at the gym and prepping healthy meals, to the point where some would call us “obsessive” we actually obsess less than most, because we don’t have that constant tape of “I need to look better, I feel fat, I feel gross, I’m embarrassed to put on a swimsuit, they’re judging me” running through our heads.

Imagine how much valuable brain space you could free up if you didn’t spend so much time obsessing about what you’d like to change about yourself?

We build inner strength by building outer strength. When you work with your body instead of trying to beat it into submission, you’ll be so much happier.

So happy in fact, that your biggest problem will be people telling you that you look great. And so happy that it bothers you more than fuels you because you know you are worth so much more than what you look like. 

by Brianna Diorio

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