Why You SHOULD Meet Your Match at the Bar

All my girlfriends are always whining they can't find a quality date. "Where are all the good ones?" they ask...

We all know the advice not to pick up a guy at the bar, but that's exactly where I tell my girls to go on a Friday night to meet eligible, quality men.

The barbell that is. Ba-dum, TSSSH!

Why? Think about it:

What can you tell about someone who's in the gym on a Friday night?

  • You have common interests. Your swolemate will be more open to active, fun dates and cooking healthy meals instead of suggesting pizza and ice cream every time. No relationship pounds for you!
  • You know they have goals. And you're a goal digger. If you're not, you should be.
  • You know they are motivated. Even without plans, most guys would sit on the couch and binge on Netflix, beer, and Doritos. If he's motivated to get to the gym on a Friday, you know that motivation probably carries over into all aspects of his life.
  • They can prioritize. Even if they are going out to party after their workout, at least you know they know the important stuff comes first.

Remember: The gym isn't a meat market. Don't wear a full face of makeup, and dress for your workout, not the runway. A guy who hangs out in a gym on a Friday wants a girl that can hang with him during his workouts, not someone desperately trolling for dates. Strike up a conversation by asking him for a spot, impress him with your strength and confidence, and let those sweaty pheromones do their thang.

by Kelly Turner

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