Finding Your Fitness Spark

New Year, New Me!

We all start off the new year with a fresh new outlook, ready to kick our fitness into high gear after the whirl wind of holiday binge eating; we all fall into the same pattern. The time has come and you are officially ready and good to get back into your routine, you prep your meals for the week, you step foot back into the gym (which you haven't seen in weeks), and you even have a fresh new gym outfit on (you’re killing it). Music on, outside world off and into your workout you go! - Before you know it, it is 2 weeks later and you’re out with your friends on the weekend, someone suggest pizza. Suddenly your diet turns into a downward spiral and off the diet wagon you fall again.

Before you know it its March and you realize that summer is less then 2 month away and the New Year New Me thing you planned on 2 months ago is now only a distant memory. So how do you get back that “Spark” to get you back on track and keep you there? Luckily, like most people, I've been in the same boat and here are 3 tips that I have found to help!


  1. Get a new meal plan - Here’s the most important thing! Nothing is worse than eating grilled chicken, brown rice and steamed broccoli, every single day of the week, 2-3 times a day. It’s boring and bland and just underwhelming. If you are looking to stick to your diet for the long run then try adding in different and exciting foods. Instead of the bland chicken, opt for Salmon, turkey, or even lean ground beef! Variety is key! Sick of brown rice?….who isn’t! It’s not the worst, but it's definitely not the most exciting… variety can’t hurt, try black rice, brown rice pasta or some potatoes! Lastly, look for other vegetables. I love broccoli, but sometime I need a change so ill go for something different like asparagus or brussels sprouts. Again its your meal plan get creative with it!


  1. Get a new workout plan - Second to diet, your workouts are next on the list of importance. Not only does the the same workout, day after day and week after week get boring, your body eventually hits a plateau. Switch it up! Add tabata, sprints, full body work outs, yoga classes, and spin classes! Different workouts will keep your body guessing to what is coming next, which will allow for success in the long run!


  1. Music - Everyone knows music is key for a great workout. Nothing pumps you up or puts you in a better mood then a great song. Bored of your own music? Ask a friend to make you a playlist. Don't want to wait? Fall back on an online music source for a great music selection. Typically listen to EDM?...try listening to Rock or Hip Hop. Who knows, you might discover a new artist you didn't know you liked.

Recap: How to get back that fitness spark? Just do it! Hit the grocery store on Sunday and grab a whole new variety of foods to try (if you don't like what you made this week change it up next week). While your food is cooking, set up a new workout plan, sign up for a new fitness class, or plan to meet a friend at the track. Lastly, get that new playlist going - Remember fail to prepare you're preparing to fail!  

by Michael Spinella Jr.

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