Finding a green detox with weight loss + health benefits

Did you know we all need at least 2-3 cups of vegetables per day, yet, only 1 out of 10 adults even have this daily.  


Vegetables are nutrient dense, filled with antioxidants, fiber, low calorie and help our bodies function at their best for a healthy long life.  Vegetables help your metabolism function properly, strengthen you immune system, keep your gut healthy and so much more. Most people don't eat enough though because it is not always convenient to buy, prep, and eat fresh veggies.  We then turn to a variety of supplement to reap the benefits without the cost or time of prepping veggies.  The question is, are these veggie supplement really as beneficial as real vegetables and are they even healthy?  


Well, green drink supplements can be healthy and very beneficial if you know what to and not to look for!


Make sure there is no added sugar!

Look for green drinks that are sweetened with zero calorie sweeteners such as stevia or monk fruit.  Just make sure there are no added calories from cane sugar, dextrose or corn syrup.


Look for a variety of Superfoods you may not eat weekly.

Look for Superfoods you may not be able to eat regularly due to the cost, convenience of finding, or maybe you just don't like them!  This will help make sure you still can get all the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits that come with these Superfoods.  


Look for ingredients with benefits you want!  

Some green drinks are about detox, some bloating, some a superfood vitamin, and others are a good mix of them all.  You want to pick one that fits your goal!  

Do you need a mix to help reduce inflammation to then help your gut functions better, reduce bloating and constipation and you can get the most of your nutrition and training plan?

Do you need a superfood green mix to help restore your body of all the nutrients it needs?

Do you need to detox your body and help it work its best, and you have the energy and feel great to conquer your daily goals. 

Or do you need all of these?

If you are, look out for the new SHREDZ DETOX GREENS coming soon! It is a perfect blend of these goals! 


SHREDZ DETOX GREEN has a green blend packed with everyday and uncommon superfoods which will help boost your immunity and overall health!  It has the correct and recommended doses of aloe vera and dandelion extract which will help prevent bloating and aid is proper digestion. Acacia Gum for a natural and healthy dose of fiber to help keep you regular (also preventing bloating!).  Turmeric and Ginger to help fight inflammation throughout your body to make sure your metabolism, joints, digestive tract and even stress mechanisms are working just as they should. There is Grape extract to help reduce oxidation and support a healthy liver and kidney function.  Many of these ingredients also help with lowering cholesterol and blood fat levels (also known as triglycerides), regulating blood sugar, and regulating blood pressure.   


If you are looking for an all in one green drink for detox, bloating, health, and weight loss, SHREDZ GREEN DETOX is for you

by Alyssa Reyes

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