Booty Blast: 3 Moves To Lift Your Butt


Muscle growth is all about the ignition of muscle fibers. The more muscle fibers you can activate, the thicker and larger a muscle will become. Let’s apply this basic foundation of hypertrophy (increase in muscle size) to a common goal of women. Women often want to build their booty, or gluteus, which includes all three muscles within the glutes.

The foundation for growing your glutes will come down to understanding your diet


The total volume you perform while working out, and choosing the right supplements formulated for your body. You need increased training volume (in other words, total reps performed), because this causes the muscle to break down and then repair itself, resulting in thicker muscle tissue. Proper nutrition will then allow the muscle to effectively repair itself, and the right supplements aid your performance, recovery, and maintenance.

There are, of course, neurological adaptations that must be involved when training for hypertrophy. There must be a load placed on the muscle with enough strain to cause it to recruit additional muscle fibers to break down. There are different training methods to manipulate this muscle activation, such as blood flow restriction (BFR) and training to failure, after placing a heavy load on the muscle.

Other than the principles of building muscle, you must focus on building a well-rounded booty and using movements that won’t waste your time. Let’s focus on three movements that will create large amounts of muscle activation in the glutes while utilizing the whole glute to create the perfect booty you seek.

The Booty Building Movements


Barbell Hip Thrust


The first movement is the Holy Grail of booty movements: the Barbell Hip Thrust, or Barbell Hip Bridge. A normal hip bridge is a good movement to get glute activation going in the start of your workout as a warmup; however, it does very little to place a load on the hips for muscle growth. Using a barbell and placing your shoulders and head on a bench, or other soft yet stable platform, allows you to increase the range of motion while placing a very large weight on your hips. The barbell hip thrust involves the largest amount of muscle activation in the booty.


Banded Clam Shell Hip Abduction


The next movement is the Banded Clam Shell Hip Abduction. This movement involves the gluteus medius, minimus, and the psoas. Normally the psoas is responsible for hip flexion, such as in a hanging knee tuck or leg raises. The psoas is an amazing muscle, which when in the flexed position, transfers its action responsibility to lateral abduction of the hip. This is important to develop the whole booty while not overtraining just one body part.

Prone Hip Extensions


The final movement to the perfect booty is the prone hip extension. This movement is going to put the all the action on the gluteus maximus. You want to make sure this movement is weighted; do so by putting an ankle weight or cable on your ankle. This movement is going to allow your glutes to work in hip extension without the involvement of the hamstrings, allowing the glutes to bear more of the load and work independently for potentially more muscle growth. Keep in mind that you need the glutes to work both in an isolated movement, such as this, as well as compound movements, such as deadlifts, squats and hip thrusts, for it to grow into the perfect booty.

Both during and after your workouts, another pivotal factor is finding the right set of supplements specifically formulated with your body in mind. The 30 Day Squat Challenge is an all-in-one solution that includes diet and exercise guides along with all the supplements. This plan not only supports weight loss, but will provide a boost of energy while aiding in more effective toning and recovery. The Squat challenge guides provide home and gym workouts to enhance your glute progress even more!

by Herb Olsen

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