Bee Pollen : 5 Benefits You Didn't Know!

Bee pollen is made by honeybees, and is considered one of nature's most complete foods as it contains nearly all nutrients required by humans to survive. Bee pollen is approximately 40% protein, making it richer in protein than any animal source, and contains more amino acids than beef or eggs of an equivalent weight. It also contains numerous vitamins, including B-complex, and folic acid. 

One teaspoon of bee pollen takes one bee eight hours a day for one whole month to gather, but rest assured, bee keepers are able to remove pollen from hives without harming the bees in any way. What else is so great about bee pollen?

Check Out 5 Benefits You Didn't Know:

1) Increase Energy. The wide range of nutrients found in bee pollen makes it a great natural energy booster. The carbohydrates, protein and B vitamins will enhance stamina and fight off fatigue so you can power through your day. 

2) Soothe Skin. You will often find bee pollen in topical products aimed to treat inflammatory conditions and skin irritations like psoriasis or eczema. This is because the amino acids and vitamins in the pollen protect the skin and work to regenerate skin cells. 

3) Treat Allergies. Pollen to reduce allergies? You heard right. Bee pollen reduces the presence of histamine, alleviating many allergies and irritations, including seasonal allergies, asthma, sinus problems and a wide range of respiratory diseases.

4) Better Nutrient Absorption. In addition to all the wonderful things we've discussed, bee pollen contains enzymes that aid in digestion, assisting your body in absorbing more of the nutrients from the food that you eat.

5) Improved Cardiovascular Function. Bee pollen contains the antioxidant rutin, which helps strengthen capillaries and blood vessels while assisting with circulatory issues and improving cholesterol levels. Its strong anti-clotting properties can go a long way to help prevent heart attack and stroke.

Bee pollen acts faster and is more effective when taken at mealtime. Take a spoonful at breakfast, preferably with a piece of fruit – the fruit fibers work to reinforce the activity of the fresh pollen so you can get maximum benefits.


by Kelly Turner

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