3 Items to Make Your Morning Commute Easier

Whether you take the train, bus or just have a lengthy walk, being a commuter is a job in itself. Make sure you’re prepared to take on the morning grind with these 3 must have commuter life items!

1: Bag: It can be a man purse, a backpack, a large pocketbook or even a duffle bag, whatever you chose, make sure it’s big enough to carry everything you need for the day. Don’t try and cut costs on this commuter must have, find a solid, quality bag. This bag should be durable enough to hold everything you throw in there, you know everything from your afternoon snack, to your extra pair of shoes, to your tablet..pretty much your entire studio apartment in one bag.

2: Portable Phone Charger: Anyone new to the commute game knows that you will guaranteed get lost the first few times you attempt to find your new office. Google maps will become your best friend, as well as your music and game apps, all of which will drain your battery pretty quickly. A portable phone charger can be a real life saver when you need to find your way home with only 5 percent battery.

3: Light Weight Jacket: Not even the weathermen are 100% sure what Mother Nature will throw at us on any given day, so being prepared for the surprising and ever-changing weather is a must! Get a light jacket that you can roll into a condensed version, this will save space and weight in your already packed bag.


by Brianna Diorio

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