3 Big Butt Mistakes

I'm doing everything I can, and this booty just won't grow! 

Here are the big 3 mistakes you may be making that are keeping you from great glutes.

Sitting Too Often

You can work all you want in the gym, but if you spend most of your time sitting on your butt, you're killing your efforts. Sitting has been linked to numerous health issues, but in terms of your booty, when you sit, you cut off the blood supply to your butt and thighs. Starved for oxygen, your muscles and connective tissues begin to atrophy and turn to flat mush. Sitting is also the leading cause of cellulite, which weaknes the woven connective fibers and lets fat squeeze through, giving you that cottage cheese look we all love so much. Make a habit of getting up and moving at least once every hour. Or better yet, if your job keeps you sedentary, upgrade to a standing or treadmill desk.

Not Driving Through Your Heels

Where you place your weight on your feet dictates which muscles are engaged. If you keep your weight on your toes during exercises like squats and lunges, you activate the front of the the legs and put stress on your knees. If you keep your weight on your heels, however, you activate the muscles through the back of the legs, including your glutes. If you have trouble with keeping your weight off your toes, physically lift your toes off the ground as you drive upward. If you still have trouble, it could be tight ankles. Add more ankle mobility exercises to your warm up like calf stretches and raises. Never wear running shoes when training glutes, they are designed to roll your weight forward. Opt for flat shoes or lifting in your socks to stay in full control (just watch where you drop your weights)!

Giving Them a Good Squeeze

(Your own – we don't recommend running around grabbing random glutes.) But if you don't give your glutes a good squeeze at the top of each rep, you aren't actually finishing it. Anytime you extend through the hips, like when you return to standing during squats and deadlifts, or when your hips are fully extended during bridges or kickbacks, squeeze through the glutes, so hard your cheeks get wrinkly, and hold for a beat or two. This not only ensures that you fully extend the hips to finish the repetition but it activates and isolates the glute muscles, which like stay asleep while letting other muscles, like your quads, takeover. Wake 'em up and make them get to work. 

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by Kelly Turner

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