2 ways to speed up your metabolism

Reach your fat burning potential and boost your metabolism with these two easy tips!

1:Stop extreme calorie cutting: While it might seem like the quickest option for losing weight to just put yourself a super low-calorie diet, you might be doing your metabolism more harm than good. Your body is programed to defend your body’s natural set point for its weight, so if drop your calories too low, your resting metabolic rate will automatically slow. Your body does this as a defense mechanism since it assumes you are starving and it is trying to save calories for basic bodily functions, such as breathing and digesting food. Lower calories gradually and in smaller amounts, so your body can adjust accordingly. 

2: Relax: Research is now showing that being stressed out (over having the dream body, over the cookie you at your friends house, over your job etc) is contributing to weight gain. When you are chronically stressed, your body will increase your stress hormone cortisol, which stimulates fat cells to increase in size and encourage fat storage. Stress hormones can also spike your appetite, making you likely to overeat or stress eat. Try some pre-bed yoga or sip on some calming Chamomile tea. 

by Brianna Diorio

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