15 Practical Tips to Lose Fat

Losing weight is hard and making sure you are losing weight while staying tone is even harder!  Here are 15 practical tips to help you lose body fat without driving yourself crazy!

1. Drink lots of water!

This will help keep your metabolism and energy up! This will help you stay full and know whether you are actually hungry or just bored.  It will also help keep the tummy bloat away!

2. Eat more protein!

Eating more protein will ensure you do not lose that muscle tone, and maybe even help you gain some if you train right! Protein also burns more calories just digesting it and helps you stay feeling fuller longer. 

3. Limit processed and sugary foods.

This will help prevent bloat and keep your energy up so you can keep working hard!

4. Plan your meals.

If you plan your meals, and even snacks, you won’t end up digging through the kitchen wondering what to eat when you are starving and accidentally making a “bad” choice.  Be prepared, even if you are eating out that day, plan ahead for it!

5. Avoid getting extremely hungry.

Do not let your hunger get out of control. If you do then it will be harder for you to tell if you are satisfied. If you have not planned your meals beforehand, it will also be harder making healthy choices on the spot! 

6. Fight and manage stress.

High stress can make it hard for your body to burn body fat and can even slow down your metabolism!  If you are a stress eater that can make maintaining a healthy eating regimen more difficult as well. So breath and relax.

7. Increase your TDEE by being active. 

Take the stairs, park further away, go for multiple 10 minute walk. With just a few small changes you can be burning a few extra 100 calories a day!

8. Increase fiber intake (more veggies and fruits).

Fiber keeps you fuller longer which helps you stay away from extra snacking! 

9. Experiment with intermittent fasting.

If you enjoy eating larger meals but are cutting calories, intermittent fasting will help you do that!  Intermittent fasting can even help turn on fat burning receptors when using a proper meal and training plan. 

10. Get enough sleep.

If you are not getting 7-8 hours of sleep at night your body will have a hard time telling you when it is full! Because of the lack of sleep you will most likely have an increase in cravings, especially carbs because your body is running low on energy!

11. Exercise at least 3x per week.

This goes along with increasing your TDEE.  If you start to exercise your metabolism will get faster during all hours of the day, you will sleep better, your body will handle carbs better, gut health will improve… the list goes on!

12. Drink coffee (preferably black).

The one ingredient fat burner. Caffeine has been shown to help with fat metabolism, but only if you skip the added sugar and heavy milks which add more calories than what you would burn.

13. Don’t just diet, eat healthy. 

One of the most important tips is to find a way to make this a lifestyle, not just a diet.  That way you never have to diet!  Instead you make healthy choices every day you feel good about.

14. Use smaller plates. 

This is a trick to the eye!  Make it look like you are eating more by using smaller plates.  This also prevents you from putting too much food on your plate.

15. Only eat when you’re hungry. 

Even if office treats make their way to the lunch room or you are walking by your kitchen while working from home, only eat when you are hungry and follow the plan you made back in tip number 4 when you planned your meals. 


Start with just 1 or 2 tips from above.  Stick with it for a week! Each week add a tip and before you know if you will lose fat and be living a healthy lifestyle that keeps it off! 

by Alyssa Reyes

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