Jonathan Coyle

Who is Jonathan Coyle

A HYBRID Athlete, Jonathan Coyle has taken the fitness world by storm combining a relentless work ethic and passion for inspiring others in and outside of both the CrossFit Box and the Gym. Coyle uses both forms of fitness to build his ideal physique. He has one goal and one goal only, to forever destroy the current concept of what it is to be fit.

His philosophy that functional movement trumps purely aesthetic oriented workouts defies the current norms of the fitness industry. His unique workouts, detailed meal plans, philosophy on life and unrelenting determination to be a catalyst for change has caused the fitness world to take notice.

Jonathan Coyle's INSTAGRAM

Everything matters, everything has consequence and every decision creates some form of momentum.

Jonathan Coyle

Jonathan Coyle's FAVORITES

Jonathan’s favorite Shredz product is BurnerMax. I take BurnerMax every day before I hit the gym early in the morning. I can feel myself performing better and leaning out every day that I take it with a clean diet.”

Jonathan’s workout is incomplete without his BCAAs Without the proper supplementation during your workout, your muscles won’t recover as fast and will be more sore than they should be. I always sip on my SHREDZ BCAAs as I train every day.